General Objectives of the AIUB-IQAC

  1. To spearhead in the development and sustainability of quality and excellence in AIUB
  2. To serve as an implementing arm of the management in monitoring and evaluating development activities of AIUB
  3. To serve as a strategic platform for the overall development efforts of the university

Specific Objectives of the AIUB-IQAC

1. To assess the level of understanding and training needs of the teaching and non-teaching officers in relation to quality assurance and accreditation.

2.  To conduct an inventory of the relevant documents, data and information for review, analysis, updating and storing as central depository of AIUB

3. To develop and validate self-survey instruments covering the essential areas and components of the university, and administer this to generate valuable information for utilization by the management and other potential users.

4. To design and implement training programs in collaboration with the UGC-QAU to build the capacities of the IQAC staff, management, teaching and nonteaching officers.

5. To advocate, promote and sustain quality assurance through the continuous process of internal and external assessments of academic programs and services