Message from the Director

The university’s thrust is more focused on quality rather than quantity. This quality must transcend in the academic programs and services it provides to its stakeholders. The commitment of the management to ensure quality in its academic programs and operation can create a good brand name for the university. Without hesitation, the university started its journey in 2007 by seeking technical assistance from organizations who are committed to QA like APQN and AIU-UNESCO so that it can start initiating QA activities. The management support and commitment of the AQAC staff were sources of inspiration to have its business programs accredited by the international accrediting agency, PAASCU. In a short period of time, in 2011 the business programs, Computer science and EEE programs were accredited one after the other. In fact, it is the first initiative undertaken by a university in Bangladesh. This pioneering initiative has earned an international recognition for AIUB when the Asia Pacific Quality Network (APQN) selected AUIB to be given the award as the Best Model QA University for Asia and Pacific during its international conference in 2016 held in Fiji. This has inspired and challenged the AIUB-IQAC organized in 2013 to embark in another QA under the government’s initiative to mandate all public and private universities to establish IQAC and serve as the prime mover of QA activities in the university. There are significant events that took place in the university which AIUB-IQAC has been involved including participation in international fora on quality assurance, collaboration in research particularly with UNESCO-IIEP and sharing its expertise to other educational institution.

This Webpage is very timely for it has to document and disseminate the various activities and events AIUB-IQAC has engaged in. Through this medium, relevant and updated information can be shared expeditiously to the stakeholders. Not only the past, present but also future directions on QA can be presented for a more comprehensive accounts of the QA activities the university are pursuing attuned with the requirements of UGC and the university’s policies, plans and programs.

Prof. Dr. Charles C. Villanueva
Pro Vice Chancellor &
Director, AIUB-IQAC