Message from the Chairman

The initiative of AIUB to pursue quality assurance dates back at the time when the mission and vision of the university have been formulated. QA concept is enshrined in these two important documents. Correspondingly, these statements were translated into concrete actions. One of these actions is the pursuit of quality and excellence in the academic programs and management operation system. A great deal of effort was undertaken by the university to undergo accreditation and certification of the academic programs and services of the university. Since 2011, the university is enjoying this prestige as the first university to have been granted accreditation by an international accrediting agency. In 2013, the government has mandated that all the universities in Bangladesh should establish an Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) so that quality assurance can be promoted, assured and instituted. AIUB belongs to the first batch of universities to have received technical and financial assistance from the University Grants Commission(UGC) under the project HEQEP, a World Bank funded project.  The initiative of AIUB-IQAC in developing this Webpage is a concrete platform to disseminate the previous and on-going activities, achievements and partnerships of the university with local and international bodies so it can expand and share experiences in improving IQAC operations and services.

I congratulate the IQAC Team of AIUB for this laudable undertaking. I am looking forward to continue its efforts and commitment to be a strong partner and promoter of quality culture in the university.


Dr. Carmen Z. Lamagna
Vice Chancellor
and Chairman AIUB-QAC